I was animator and director on the Bachelor film "Wing" which I made together with Michael Bech, Mette Vestergaard Madsen and Jonas Lind Kirkegaard.

I was animator on the production of a game called Anton og Katastrofen along with Lasse Rasmussen during DADIU.
Apart from doing animation I also designed the main character and the pidgeons, plus drew all the characters in the intro and outro of the game apart from the cat which Lasse Rasmussen drew. Unfortunately the finished game is almost unplayable because the programmers did everything but program.
Here is the trailer:

Here is in-game footage:

I've been making a lot of flash movies in my sparetime since the beginning of 2003. I still make flash movies whenever I have the time. Follow this link to view most of the flash work I've done:
Flash Library

Below are a couple of the very few flash movies I've uploaded to youtube.

This first one is the second part of a series of very experimental flash animations entitled "Cold Hands".
So far it consists of 3 parts. A 4th and final part is planned.

I made this next film while I was at Ærø Artschool. One of our teachers discovered my love for animation and gave me an animation-related assignment. I was to make an animation and I had to use coffee in some way. I decided to draw all the elements I was going to use on paper, handpaint them with coffee and animate them in Flash. Musical Credit: Yann Tiersen.