I attended art school at a small island named Ærø back in autumn 2007. Unfortunately I don't have many pictures of the work I did there, I do however have pictures of of two of my creations. The first one is entitled
"A Late Night in October Simon And I Decided to Visit the Old Lady in the Forest Because Rumors Said That She Offered Her Guests Cake" It is partly a wall painting and partly an Installation. I guess Once again my love for fairytales and mixing different media came into play. The second artwork I did is entitled "The Small Theater on The 5th Floor" which was basically an exploration of my more poetic side. When I showed it to people I would turn off all light in the room except for a light bulb that would light up the insides of the box, thus adding a little more magic to it. Inside the box was among other things a couple of drawings and one of the many poems I wrote at the time.